Love your landscape

A garden that’s good for you

As you know, gardening and outdoor spaces are a special interest of mine, and I’m intrigued when I discover something unexpected within my field. Following a recent conversation with a friend, I got to thinking about the reasons we love our gardens the way we do. This friend mentioned that after a really rough day, she had gone out to spend some time working in her garden, because that always makes her feel better. I believe that’s true, but I was curious why?

Tips for winter and helping create a better landscape for the Spring

Fall into early winter is the best time to plant trees and shrubs because it gives the roots a strong push before the coming spring and the new growth that comes. When a plant goes dormant during the winter energy transfer happens to the roots, the better and more extensive the root system the healthier the plant will be during the growing season. The roots do the gathering of the nutrients for the plant and the bulk of the water intake for the plant.

Ten reasons to enhance your landscape and make it beautiful!

1. Your home is a place you relax, unwind and recuperate, and creating a beautiful space outside facilitates that.

2. It’s an investment not only in your property but in your quality of life.

3. Because your Worth it!!

4. There is nothing like having a beautiful outdoor area to entertain friends and family.

5. It improves not only your properties value but adds to your homes curb appeal and also improves your neighborhood and community.

6. Small changes to your landscape can yield big results in improving your outdoor living.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls not only serve a necessary function but can enhance your landscape. When considering installing walls, there are many options available for materials, style, color and consistency to best blend with the style of your home and look of your landscape.

The number one reason walls are installed is for function. However, there are times when aesthetic considerations trump function and walls are used to add depth and interest to a sloped or steeply-graded area.

Creating Beautiful Entryways

First impressions matter and in landscaping terms means your home’s entry way can feel inviting and open or restrictive and closed. Paying attention to your entry way can pay off since small details add depth and warmth to curb appeal with simple additions like lighting, potted plants, trellis and arbors.

Your Beautiful Summer Lawn Starts Now!

Most of us in Jacksonville love a thick, lush lawn! If you’re one of these people, now is the time to start planning and preparing.  Here are a few spring fertilization and irrigation system tips that will make your grass healthy, green and lush this year.

Most of us are now familiar with natural fertilizers and the need to conserve water. This is the time to check your irrigation system and consider changing-out your sprinkler heads for more water efficient heads. Doing so can cut your water usage by as much as a third and provides superior grass area water coverage.